Science Fiction and fantasy fiction are an integral part of our pop-cultural society. The TV shows and movies in this genre tend to challenge the viewer into perceiving things differently, or thinking along lines that had not previously been considered.
These shows are no stranger to commentary on the condition of the political and social world as it exists at the time the show was first presented.
The one side effect to getting people to do all this thinking is that people are prone to see the same thing very very differently. Take me for example.
It has been argued time and again that I am not right in the head. Looking at decades of science fiction, reading books galore on the subject, I have challenged myself to do a whole lot of thinking over the years, and you know, I think some ideas are pretty darn funny! Being able to put images to the ideas is just an added bonus for me, and it gives me great pleasure to share my ideas with all of you. Enjoy the site, and feel free to drop me an email, or check me out on MySpace. Just look there for Scotsmuppet.
Let me take this space to offer a very special thanks to my host online, Treebeard. His generosity has made this site a reality, and I cannot thank him enough! That Said, Go forth, and enjoy the site. May the Farce Be With You!